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Take Your Ride to the Next Level with These Durable 24-inch Bike Tires and Tubes




Tired of lackluster performance from low-quality bike tires? Upgrade your ride with this 2-pack of 24-inch bike tires and tubes for smooth handling and durability mile after mile.

These tires are specially designed for mountain, city, and cross bikes, featuring a unique block tread pattern that provides exceptional traction and control on pavement as well as moderate off-road terrain. The deep grooves channel water away efficiently for excellent wet weather performance, while the rounded tread blocks maintain plenty of contact with the ground for stability and grip.

Constructed from high quality rubber compounds, these tires are ultra durable to withstand rugged use. The sturdy sidewalls resist punctures and abrasions from debris on the road. An exceptional blend of traction, resilience, and responsiveness, they’ll keep you riding with confidence for countless miles.

Each tire measures 24 inches x 2.30 inches wide and fits standard 24 inch rims. Just the right amount of volume for a cushy ride that smooths out bumps and vibrations. The wider footprint also provides increased stability and handling compared to narrower tires.

Inflate them between 35-65 PSI to fine tune the feel that suits your riding style and conditions. Going tubeless by adding sealant is also an option if you want the advantages of reduced flats and lower pressures.

To get you rolling right out of the box, the set includes:

– 2 x 24 inch tires
– 2 x 24 inch inner tubes with Schrader valves
– 2 rim strips to protect against spoke damage

The inner tubes are durable butyl rubber with flexible Schrader valves to fit most standard 24 inch wheels. High quality thick rubber construction resists leaks and punctures.

Rim strips provide an extra layer of defense between the inner tube and sharp spoke ends that can cause annoying flats. Just stick them on before installing the tires for peace of mind.

Take your bike’s performance and reliability up a level with these tires. The quality materials and thoughtful design deliver an excellent ride at an affordable price. Order a set now and enjoy many carefree miles ahead.

Product Details

– Tire Size: 24 x 2.30 inches
– Tire Type: Clincher, wire bead
– Tread Pattern: Block, moderate tread depth
– Recommended Use: Mountain, city, cruising
– Valve Type: Schrader (auto)
– Tube Dimensions: 24 x 1.75/2.125 inches
– Rim Strips: Standard 24 inch wheels

Why Choose These Tires?

Traction and Control

The block tread with deep grooves provides excellent grip on pavement and moderate trails for confident handling in various conditions.


High quality rubber compound is ultra resilient against punctures, abrasions, and wear and tear.

Cushioned Ride

2.30 inch width absorbs bumps and vibrations better than narrow tires for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Versatile Fit

Fits all standard 24 inch wheels for mountain, city, and cruiser bikes. Just pump to your desired pressure.

Reliable Tubes

Thick, flexible butyl rubber tubes resist flats. Schrader valves for easy inflation.

Extra Protection

Included rim strips prevent tube damage from spoke ends poking through.

Technical Specifications

– Tire Material: Rubber
– Tire Tread: Block, non-directional
– Inflation: 35-65 PSI
– Load Capacity: 110 kg per tire
– Tube Material: Butyl Rubber
– Valve Type: Schrader
– Rim Strip Dimensions: 24 inch wheels

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our products 100%. If you have any issues with the tires or tubes, please reach out to us directly and we will make it right. Our friendly customer service team is ready to assist you.


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