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TeBaisea T-Top Center Console Boat Cover – Universal Protective Cover Trailerable up to 85″ Tall


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Protect your boat’s valuable center console and helm seat from the elements with the rugged TeBaisea T-Top Center Console Cover. Customized protection for garage storage, trailering, and open mooring.

Customized Protection for Center Consoles

Covering and protecting the center console area is crucial to keeping your boat looking great and avoiding damage. The TeBaisea console cover is custom-shaped to fit snugly around center consoles and helm seats for a secure barrier.

The adjustable zippered sides ensure the cover hugs tightly with no gaps where water can get in. Front and rear fastening straps keep the cover from blowing around while allowing easy access.

Durable 600D Marine-Grade Polyester

Built from heavy-duty 600 denier marine-grade polyester, this cover is made to last through years of outdoor use. The durable waterproof fabric repels rain, snow, ocean spray, and more while blocking UV rays that can crack and fade.

Reinforced seams and rugged construction stand up to wind, moisture, and UV without ripping or leaking. The fabric breathability prevents condensation and mildew buildup underneath as well.

Protects During Storage, Trailering, and Mooring

The TeBaisea console cover keeps your boat protected whether parked in the driveway, being trailered, or while moored at the marina. The snug fit and adjustable straps secure it in high winds and driving rain.

The cover allows easy access to the helm and controls without removing it completely – just unzip the sides. Front and rear openings allow access for tying straps directly to anchor points.

Universal Fit for Most Center Consoles

With 4 size options based on console height and width, the TeBaisea cover is made to accommodate most center console boat styles including:

– Bay boats
– Bass boats
– Flats boats
– Jons
– Skiffs
– Inflatables
– Pontoons
– Runabouts

Measure your center console height and width to choose the closest appropriate size. The adjustable zippered sides provide a truly custom and snug fit.

Key Features:

– Heavy duty 600D marine-grade polyester fabric
– Waterproof, UV-resistant and breathable
– Zippered sides contour the cover to your console
– Reinforced seams for durability
– Front and rear strap openings for easy access
– Protects during storage, trailering and mooring
– Available in 4 sizes to fit most console configurations

Sizing Chart:

– Small – Up to 75″ H x 54″ W
– Medium – Up to 78″ H x 59″ W
– Large – Up to 84″ H x 61″ W
– X-Large – Up to 85″ H x 63″ W

Measure the height from the deck to top of the T-Top or hardtop, and width at the widest point of the console cover area. Compare to the sizing chart and pick the closest larger size to ensure a good fit.

Easy Installation

Installing the TeBaisea console cover is quick and simple:

1. Place the cover over the center console area and align it.

2. Zip together the two zippered sides fully to customize the fit.

3. Attach the front and rear straps around secure anchor points on the deck or rails.

4. Cinch the straps until the cover is tight with no gaps or loose areas.

The zippered sides and cinch straps allow you to fully tailor the cover to the contours of your console for a perfect custom fit. Just reverse the steps to easily remove the cover when needed.

Shop Confidently with Our Warranty

Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase the TeBaisea center console cover. It is backed by our 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our US-based customer support team is here for any questions on sizing and fit as well as any product issues. We’ll make sure you get the right cover for your boat.

Don’t leave your console exposed to the elements. Get durable four-season protection with the custom-fit TeBaisea T-Top Center Console Cover. Order now on Amazon and protect your investment for years to come.


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