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Tifosi Slice Sport Sunglasses – Interchangeable Lenses for Versatile Protection


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See every detail of the path ahead with the Tifosi Slice Sport Sunglasses. Designed for dynamic outdoor activities like cycling, running, and hiking, these sunglasses combine incredible lightweight comfort, ventilated coverage, and interchangeable lenses to adapt to changing light conditions.

The Slice sunglasses utilize durable Grilamid TR-90 frame material that weighs just 29 grams total. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them thanks to the featherlight filtered vision they provide. Large vented lenses offer an unobstructed wide view without fogging, making them ideal for aerobic activities that build sweat.

Tifosi engineered the Slice glasses for all-day wear. Adjustable hydrophilic rubber nose and ear pads grip better as you sweat to prevent slipping. An open rimless lens shape eliminates frame pressure. With three interchangeable lens tints to swap out, your vision stays protected and clear from sunrise to sunset.

Take your performance to new heights with the Tifosi Slice Sport Sunglasses. Their innovative design keeps you sharp and comfortable mile after mile on the bike, trail, road, or track.

Interchangeable Lenses Adapt to Changing Light

The Tifosi Slice sunglasses come equipped with three interchangeable polycarbonate lenses to match lighting conditions for any activity or environment. The lenses are easily swapped out in seconds to keep pace with the day’s demands.

The Smoke lens filters glare and absorbs 90% of visible light transmission for bright sunny days. Its color-enhancing tint improves depth perception and highlights contours.

When cloud cover increases or the sun begins to set, switch to the AC Red lens. It transmits 78% of visible light to boost contrast on overcast days. The hue also enhances detail in low light.

For ultimate visibility in shaded woods or dark stormy weather, the Clear lens maximizes light transmission at 93% visible light transmission. Its crisp neutral tint delivers vivid clarity even in the dimmest conditions.

With extra lens sets available, you can customize your Tifosi Slice sunglasses for any sport or trip. See terrain, gear, and surroundings in sharp detail regardless of the time of day or weather.

Featherlight Durable Frame for All-Day Comfort

Weighing just 29 grams total, the Tifosi Slice sunglasses frame is crafted from ultralight Grilamid TR-90 nylon fiber for remarkable durability and comfort.

The flexible Grilamid TR-90 material withstands damage from drops, scratches, and impacts while retaining its shape even in extreme temperatures. This allows the Slice glasses to endure years of rugged use and absorption.

Minimalist rimless lens geometry cuts down on unnecessary heft. Small hydrophilic rubber nose and ear pads prevent slippage when wet without adding bulk. Thoughtful ergonomic engineering makes the Slice sunglasses disappear on your face.

With unmatched lightweight performance, these Tifosi sunglasses won’t bounce, shift or cause discomfort during hours of activity. Their barely-there feel lets you fully focus on the ride or trail ahead.

Open Vented Coverage Protects from Elements

The Tifosi Slice sunglasses utilize a rimless full coverage lens shape that seamlessly integrates with eyewear vents to protect your eyes while preventing fogging.

Unobstructed venting across the top of the polycarbonate lenses allows hot humid air to escape and cooler drier air to flow behind the lenses. This ventilation minimizes fogging during aerobic pursuits when sweat and condensation build up.

Laterally swept back ear pieces direct airflow over the interior of the lenses as you move. This augments the venting for even greater defogging capabilities and visibility.

The unframed lens design provides an open periphery for a wide undistorted field of view. Without bulky frames crowding your vision, you get protected immersive clarity ideal for sports.

See every detail of the trail ahead through the crystal clear fog-free lenses of the Tifosi Slice sunglasses. Their intelligent fog-fighting ventilation keeps your vision sharp when the intensity rises.

Customizable Fit Stays Secure All Day

To keep the Tifosi Slice eyewear firmly in place during activity, hydrophilic rubber nose pads and adjustable ear pads mold to your face. This creates a secure grip that actually tightens as you sweat.

The slick hydrophilic rubber material gets tackier when wet from perspiration or splashes of water. The more you sweat, the stronger the adhesive grip becomes to prevent any slipping.

At the temples, rounded hydrophilic rubber ear pads pivot for a personalized fit. Adjust them to sit perfectly around your ears for comfy no-slip stability. Integrated tips insert into eyewear vents for added security.

With their hydrophilic sweat-activated grip and adjustable components, the Tifosi Slice sunglasses stay locked in place through any level of exertion. You can focus on pushing your limits, not your eyewear.

Bring elite optical performance anywhere the path takes you with the Tifosi Slice sunglasses. Their dialed fit, vented coverage, and interchangeable lenses equip you to take on any pursuit with confidence and vision to spare.


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