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TOYMIS 2pcs Brush Gripper Anchors with 2pcs Ropes – Kayak Grip Anchor for Securing Kayak Canoe Boat – Orange & Gray


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Safely Secure Your Kayak or Canoe with TOYMIS Brush Gripper Anchors

Heading out on the water in your kayak or canoe? Don’t let the wind or current carry you away – anchor securely with the TOYMIS Brush Gripper Anchors. This 2-pack includes orange and gray grippers with 16.4 ft ropes to keep your small boat in place.

The smart gripper design latches onto branches, docks, or any solid structure. The more force applied, the tighter the jaws clamp. No need to tie up to a single fragile stick that can break.

Lightweight and compact, these handy anchors stow neatly in your boat, ready to deploy whenever you need to pause your paddling. No heavy metal anchors to lift or risk getting stuck in the muck. Just clamp and go!

Superior Holding Power

Each gripper anchor features strong stainless steel teeth that bite down firmly. Rubber bushings ensure a tight seal while protecting the clamped surface.

Integrated rope holes at either side of the clamp offer flexibility for anchoring from any angle. With a impressive pull force over 660 lbs, you can trust these grippers to keep your kayak or canoe secure.

High visibility orange and gray colors help you spot the grippers easily. No more losing anchors in the water!

Sturdy 16.4 ft Rope Included

A 16.4 foot rope comes attached to each TOYMIS gripper anchor, constructed from strong and supple nylon.

The 5mm diameter rope withstands up to 660 lbs of pulling force. No worrying about the rope snapping suddenly under pressure.

Easy to coil and stow, the rope includes a loop at the end for quick attachment to boats, gear and more.

Where to Use:

Rivers – Anchor midstream hands-free fishing breaks

Lakes – Secure kayaks and canoes in windy conditions

Marsh Areas – Steady boats in shallow, vegetated spots

Docksides – Temporary hold for loading and unloading

Campsites – Keep gear in place against strong winds

Sandy Beaches – Grip solid structures to prevent drifting

Boat Decks – Temporary tie off for PWCs and dinghies


The compact and lightweight grippers take up hardly any space. Stash them in a dry bag or storage hatch while paddling.

Everything fits neatly in the included mesh storage bag for organized transport.


Gripper Materials – Stainless steel, rubber

Clamp Opening – 3.6 inches

Rope Length – 16.4 feet

Rope Diameter – 5mm

Color – Orange & Gray

Product Details:

– Set includes 2 grippers & 2 ropes

– Strong stainless steel clamp jaws

– Rubber bushings protect surfaces

– Holes on both sides for versatility

– 16.4 ft nylon rope per gripper

– Holds up to 660 lbs force

– High visibility colors

– Mesh storage bag included

– Compact and lightweight

– For boats, kayaks, canoes, etc

– Keeps things in place camping & fishing

Don’t Drift Away!

Explore the water with confidence knowing you can take a secure break anytime. The TOYMIS Kayak Gripper Anchors keep your vessel stable, so you can fish, eat, or relax carefree.

The smart clamp design ensures a tight hold wherever you anchor. No more drifting into danger or losing fishing spots!

Order your set today and know you always have an instant anchor system ready for your next paddling adventure.


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