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Transform Your Outdoor Space with USTELLAR Smart WiFi LED Flood Lights


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Illuminate your outdoor living areas in a spectrum of vibrant colors with the USTELLAR Smart WiFi LED Flood Lights 4 Pack. These versatile and durable RGB floodlights allow you to create custom lighting scenes to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion, from intimate gatherings to large parties.

With the easy-to-use USTELLAR app, you can conveniently control single lights or groups from anywhere via your iOS or Android device. Schedule lights to automatically turn on and off at set times, sync lighting to music, and choose from 8 preset modes orDIY your own custom color schemes. The opportunities are endless with over 16 million colors and adjustable brightness levels.

Key Features:

APP-ENABLED WIFI CONTROL: Connect lights to your existing 2.4GHz WiFi network to enable app and voice control. The upgraded 20W LED flood lights deliver reliable connectivity and remote access from your smartphone or tablet whether you’re home or away.

ALEXA & GOOGLE ASSISTANT COMPATIBLE: Control your outdoor lighting hands-free when paired with an Alexa or Google Assistant device. Use simple voice commands to turn lights on/off, change colors, adjust brightness and more.

GROUP CONTROL & SCHEDULING: Group multiple floodlights together in the app and control lighting zones with the tap of a button. Use schedules to set lights to turn on/off automatically at specific times.

16 MILLION COLORS & MUSIC SYNC: Choose from a spectrum of colors and dynamic modes to create stunning color schemes. Sync the lights to the beat of music playing right from your phone.

8 PRESET MODES & CUSTOM SCENES: Use preset modes like pulse, flash, fade, smooth and more or customize your own color palettes and effects. Save your favorite lighting recipes to recreate again easily.

WEATHERPROOF & DURABLE: With an IP66 rating, these LED floodlights are designed to withstand rain, snow, dirt, and more making them ideal for long-term outdoor use.

Set the Scene for Any Occasion

Outdoor parties and get-togethers will shine brighter than ever with USTELLAR Smart WiFi Flood Lights illuminating your yard, patio, or deck. Program a red, white, and blue scheme for Independence Day or choose orange and purple lights to create a spooky ambiance for Halloween. Keep it classic with warm white or mix colors for a vibrant rainbow effect – the possibilities are endless!

Accent your home’s exterior and landscaping with pops of color for curb appeal that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood! Position floodlights to highlight architectural features, landscape elements, walkways, and driveways. Use cool tones like blues and greens to complement lush greenery and trees or wash the exterior of your home in warm whites for a welcoming glow.

For everyday use, set lights to turn on automatically at dusk to light up pathways with soft white light. Program color changing modes to turn on at the same time each evening for added visual interest after the sun goes down. Access and control lighting remotely to ensure peace of mind and visibility while you’re away from home.

High Quality & Reliable Outdoor Lighting

Constructed with durable aluminum housing and waterproof silicone seals, USTELLAR Smart WiFi LED Flood Lights are built to withstand the elements including rain, snow, heat, dirt, and more. An IP66 rating means these RGB lights can be used in any outdoor location without worry.

Long-lasting and energy-efficient LED bulbs provide years of vibrant color without the need for frequent replacements required by traditional incandescent or halogen floodlights. Each individual floodlight is packed with powerful LEDs equivalent to 200W traditional lighting for stunning brightness and illumination.

Easy installation takes only minutes with the included mounting hardware that allows you to mount the rectangular-shaped lights on walls, eaves, fences, posts and more. Adjust and angle the light heads as desired to direct colorful illumination where you want it most.

Transform the ambiance of your outdoor living space with endless possibilities for custom lighting. The USTELLAR Smart WiFi LED Flood Lights 4 Pack allows you to set the perfect scene for parties, holidays, or everyday enjoyment.
Buy now to illuminate your home with color-changing lights accessible right from your smartphone!


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