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unibrite LED Kids Headlamp – Fun Lightup Headlight for Boys and Girls


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Let your kids’ imagination shine bright with the unibrite LED headlamp for boys and girls! This fun and versatile headlight is specially designed for children to safely explore the outdoors, read in bed, camp out in the backyard, and much more.

With 4 lighting modes, an adjustable elastic headband, and lightweight comfort, this kids headlamp will delight children ages 3 and up while providing hands-free illumination for their adventures.

Whimsical Design Captures Kids’ Attention

The unibrite headlamp features a cute and colorful design with kid-friendly animal shapes that children will adore. It adds a touch of whimsy and fun to a functional LED light.

The headband is shaped like cute dog ears that fit any child’s head. The light itself is oval with a smiling animal face. Choose from a puppy, bunny, bear, or panda design in vivid colors like pink, blue, green, and orange.

Let their personality shine by matching their favorite animal headlamp to their interests. Your child will actually look forward to wearing this safety light instead of seeing it as a chore.

4 Fun Light Modes for Exploration

With 4 lighting modes, kids can experiment for the right setting during their adventures.

– COB High Mode provides a 65 lumen max beam for brightly illuminating any space like the backyard or campground. It shines up to 65 feet.

– COB Low Mode gives a soft 30 lumen glow, perfect for reading books at night without straining eyes.

– COB Strobe Mode makes a fun blinking effect for signaling or playing flashlight games.

– COB Slow Strobe Mode is a gentle pulsating light that’s calming when walking at night.

Let your kids play with the buttons and explore how each unique lighting mode works. They’ll learn about controlling brightness levels and when to use different modes.

Lightweight Comfort for Hours of Use

Weighing just 1.77 ounces without batteries, the unibrite LED headlamp adds barely any weight on a child’s head. The lightweight design prevents neck fatigue so kids can wear it comfortably for extended periods of time.

The stretchy elastic headband adjusts to fit any child’s head circumference. It stays securely in place whether they’re running around the yard or lounging in a tent. Your child can easily flip the headlight up out of the way if needed.

Encourage Discovery from Ages 3 and Up

Starting at age 3, the unibrite headlamp helps develop your child’s independence and curiosity in a safe way. With their own light source, they can explore new spaces even in the dark.

Take the headlight on camping trips so your child can find the bathroom at night or unzip their sleeping bag independently. They’ll feel like a big kid taking care of themselves.

Younger kids will have a blast wearing their new headlamp indoors for bedroom adventures. Let them create secret forts, read picture books after bedtime, hunt for toys that “disappeared” in the dark, and discover shadows and light play.

Older children can use the headlamp for outdoor activities like night hikes, trick-or-treating, sleepovers, stargazing, dog walking, and setting up tents or cooking over a campfire. Just monitor use for safety depending on their age.

Perfect Kids Gift for Holidays and Milestones

Gift the unibrite LED headlamp for birthdays, holidays, and occasions throughout the year to celebrate your child.

– Stuff it in Easter baskets for the egg hunt or as part of Christmas stockings.

– Include it in Halloween costume accessories for hands-free trick-or-treating.

– Give it as a gift alongside camping gear for their first sleepaway camp.

– Present it at a birthday party so the kids can enjoy backyard explorations after dark.

– Add it to a reward chart prize when they reach milestones or accomplishments.

Let your child pick their favorite animal design so their new headlamp feels special and personalized. This practical light will fast become their must-have accessory for adventures.

Explore the Outdoors Hands-Free

Running around the backyard just got a whole lot brighter! The weather-resistant headlamp allows kids to play hands-free in the great outdoors.

Your child can take the lead on your next family hike or nature walk to spot wildlife at dusk. They’ll light the way following trails or setting up camp in the dark.

On camping trips and sleepovers, kids stay independently mobile after sunset instead of being confined to the tent. They can take bathroom breaks, grab snacks, play games around the fire, and explore trails under your supervision.

The unibrite headlamp makes a great safety light for power outages, natural disasters, and emergency kits. Keep your child’s hands free to hold doors, supplies, or pets while the headlight illuminates your path to safety.

Light Up Your Child’s Imagination

Let your kid’s creativity shine after dark with their very own headlamp. The unibrite kids LED headlight opens up a world of adventure and independence. Order today and watch your child delight in their new power to turn night into day!


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