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Versafactor WaterLink – MagSafe Water Bottle Lid for YETI Rambler




Upgrade your YETI Rambler water bottle with the Versafactor WaterLink lid. This innovative lid adds versatile MagSafe compatibility to your YETI bottle, so you can securely attach your phone or other accessories while on the go.

MagSafe Phone Mounting

The built-in MagSafe mount allows you to magnetically attach your iPhone 12 or 13 series, as well as MagSafe-compatible Android phones and cases. Keep your phone readily accessible for calls, music controls, maps, and more.

Use your phone hands-free for FaceTime, video calls, or streaming shows. Snap selfies or record adventure videos with ease. Check notifications without fumbling to grab your phone. The strong magnetic hold keeps your phone stable yet easy to detach when needed.

Convenient AirTag Holder

Never misplace your water bottle again! The WaterLink lid has an integrated storage spot for an Apple AirTag tracker. Clip in the tag, then use Apple’s Find My app to locate your bottle if lost. The AirTag pairing allows tracking even when your phone isn’t attached to the lid.

Heading out for a long hike, bike ride, or road trip? Bring peace of mind knowing you can remotely find your water bottle anywhere with the AirTag.

MagSafe Adapter for Non-MagSafe Phones & Accessories

Get more from MagSafe with the included adapter ring. It magnetically fits over the WaterLink’s MagSafe mount, adapting it for non-MagSafe phones, tablets, and accessories.

Use it to attach older iPhones, Androids, camera accessories, car vent mounts, and other MagSafe-compatible gear. The ring securely grips items without built-in magnets. Expand the MagSafe ecosystem compatibility for your WaterLink lid.

Designed Exclusively for YETI Rambler Bottles

Engineered to seamlessly replace the top cap of YETI’s popular Rambler Chug Cap bottles. Simply swap out the original cap for the WaterLink lid. It fits and functions like an integrated part of your Rambler bottle.

Made to work only with the threaded opening of Rambler bottles. Not compatible with the wider mouth of YETI’s Yonder bottles. Check that you have a Rambler before ordering.

Lanyard for Detachable Use

A handy lanyard comes included, allowing you to remove the lid while drinking. Attach the lanyard to the lid so you don’t misplace it. The strong magnetic ring built into the lid lets you securely grip and carry the bottle one-handed.

Durable Premium Construction

Made from durable ABS plastic with a rugged aluminum magnetic ring. Built to withstand adventure use indoors and out. The MagSafe mount maintains a strong hold even through jostling and impact.

Waterproof gasket seals keep moisture out of the AirTag compartment and MagSafe housing. Designed for all-weather performance.

Convenient Accessory for Home, Work, Travel

This multi-functional smart lid upgrades your YETI Rambler for handy everyday use:

  • Keep your phone, ID, credit cards handy while walking the dog
  • Hydrate easily between video calls and meetings
  • Have quick access to maps, camera, and music when hiking or biking
  • Never misplace bottles during travel, outings, sports
  • Protect and track gear with Apple AirTag pairing

One Lid, Multiple Uses – Order Your WaterLink Today!

The WaterLink MagSafe lid amplifies the functionality of your YETI Rambler water bottle. Take advantage of MagSafe and AirTag technology right from your Rambler. Order now to make your everyday adventures smarter, simpler, and hands-free!


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