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Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Tactical Shooting Gloves – Leather Palm Slide Guard, Zippered Cuff, Touchscreen Fingers


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Stay protected and prepared for action with the Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Gloves. Designed for tactical operators, these durable leather and textile gloves provide key features for handling firearms and equipment in dynamic situations.

The Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Gloves start with a leather palm overlay that delivers abrasion resistance and a sturdy grip on your weapon. Between the thumb and index finger, a leather wrap slide guard protects the back of your hand during high-speed shooting and weapon manipulations. This helps prevent painful scrapes or cuts when rapidly cycling firearms.

A hook and loop zipper closure provides a secure fit around the wrist while reducing bulk. The zippered cuff allows for easy on/off and helps keep out dirt and debris. It also enables you to cinch the gloves tight or loosen them up on the fly based on your needs and comfort.

Three key fingers – the trigger finger, middle finger, and thumb – utilize conductive leather material that is compatible with touchscreen devices. This allows you to operate smartphones, tablets, or other electronics without removing your gloves.

The extended knit cuff on the Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Gloves delivers important protection from the elements. The extra length helps block wind, rain, snow, and other environmental hazards from penetrating inside your sleeves. A soft brushed tricot liner enhances comfort and warmth in cold weather use.

With form-fitting stretch panels between the fingers, these tactical gloves move with your hands for unrestricted dexterity. The pre-curved finger design reduces fatigue and aids in trigger control. Whether you’re handling everyday tasks or weapons manipulations in the field, the Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Gloves give you the versatility, comfort, and protective features you need.

Designed for Dynamic Tactical Use

Vertx built the Men’s Crisp Action Gloves to perform during intense tactical situations. The combination of durable leather and flexible textile materials allows complete functionality for a wide range of activities.

The leather palm overlay provides abrasion resistance for rope work, weapon manipulations, and more. It also enhances your grip on tools and equipment. The Reinforced index finger and thumb seams add durability right where you need it most.

A smart mix of materials ensures flexibility and comfort. Stretch polyester fabric between the fingers enables complete manual dexterity so your hands can operate unencumbered. Pre-curved fingers reduce hand fatigue for extended use.

The extended wrist cuff protects your inner forearms from the elements while avoiding a bulky feel. This gives you better environmental coverage without limiting your motion. For colder weather, a soft brushed interior provides warmth and wicks away moisture.

The Crisp Action Gloves are thoughtfully designed for dynamic tactical environments. When you need versatile hand protection for firearms, equipment, and field work, they have you covered for myriad situations.

Leather Palm Slide Guard Prevents Injury

A key feature on the Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Tactical Gloves is the leather wrap slide guard positioned between the thumb and index finger. This reinforced area protects the back of your hand during high-speed shooting and weapon manipulations.

As semiautomatic pistols and rifles cycle, hot gases and debris are expelled forcefully from ejection ports. This can bombard your hands and cause extremely painful scrapes or cuts. The leather slide guard blocks these effects and helps prevent injury.

The slide guard also works when rapidly accessing sidearms from holsters. Removing and reholstering pistols at an angle can lead to abrasions on your hands. The extra leather layer shields you from harm without limiting dexterity.

By protecting the vulnerable web of skin between your thumb and index finger, the slide guard lets you run firearms confidently during tactical evolutions. Whether shooting on the range or drawing from a holster under pressure, your hands remain safe from harm.

Touchscreen Fingers for Use with Electronics

The Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Tactical Gloves incorporate touchscreen fingery tips on the thumb, trigger finger, and middle finger. Conductive leather material on these three fingers allows you to operate touchscreen devices without removing your gloves.

Being able to use smartphones and electronic tablets while wearing your gloves keeps your tactical edge. You can communicate via text, access digital maps, take photos, and more without exposing your hands or fumbling to remove your gloves.

The touchscreen fingertips give you direct access to your electronics for navigation, intelligence gathering, communicating with team members, and documenting missions. You can even operate personal electronics like music players without interrupting your gloves’ protective coverage.

With many everyday items now utilizing touchscreen technology, the conductive fingertips add incredible versatility. You can go about daily activities while maintaining readiness and keeping your hands covered.

Whether using devices in the field or around town, the touchscreen glove fingers keep you connected and effective for any situation.

Secure Wrist Fit with Zippered Closure

To establish a firm and adaptable wrist connection, Vertx utilized a hook and loop secured zipper closure on the Men’s Crisp Action Gloves. This creates a custom fit and enhanced protection for your hands and wrists.

The zipper allows you to zip the gloves up tightly for a snug stable fit during activity. Then when more ventilation or flexibility is needed, you can quickly unzip and loosen the wrists on demand.

Having dual adjustability with the hook/loop and zipper closure enables dialing in the perfect fit. Get hand protection customized for your unique needs, preferences, and comfort.

Tightening down the wrist area minimizes excess material for a low-profile non-restrictive feel. It also enhances security so the gloves don’t shift or dislodge prematurely. Loosening the zipper opening provides greater airflow when temperatures rise or during periods of less intensive activity.

The wrist closure effectively seals out dirt, debris, and environmental hazards like rain or snow. Unwanted elements are blocked from penetrating inside your gloves or sleeves. This adds weather resistance while limiting potential distractions.

With their zippered closure system, the Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Gloves deliver a stable secure fit and adaptable protection for ever-changing tactical demands.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Dominate your next training session, tactical exercise, or real world operation with the Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Gloves. Their smart design provides hand protection for firearms use, equipment operation, everyday tasks, and so much more.

Experience the next level of performance with features like the leather palm slide guard, zippered wrist closure, touchscreen fingertips, and extended knit cuff. Your hands are prepared for any mission or challenge.

Pick up a pair of Vertx Men’s Crisp Action Gloves today and step up your tactical game. The level of versatility, functionality, and protection will take your skills to new heights!


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