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Vortex Optics Outland Pursuit Hunting Vests – A Safe and Comfortable Hunting Vest with Ample Storage




As the leaves turn from green to brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow, it can only mean one thing – hunting season is upon us! When heading out into the wilderness in pursuit of game, having the right gear is crucial. The Vortex Optics Outland Pursuit Hunting Vest ensures you stay safe and comfortable while providing ample storage for all your must-have hunting accessories.

Vivid Fall Colors for Maximum Visibility and Safety

Safety should always be the number one priority for hunters. The blaze orange fabric of this vest provides you with vivid fall colors perfect for high visibility during those early morning treks to your blind or stand. The last thing you want is to accidentally have a fellow hunter mistake you for an animal in the low light conditions. The orange fabric stands out brightly, signaling to others that you are human, not prey.

Multiple Storage Options to Keep Gear Close At Hand

Having quick access to your gear is also essential when hunting. The Vortex Optics vest simplifies gear organization with plenty of specialized storage options. Magnetic flaps on the front grant easy access to the main cargo pockets, including an elastic cartridge holder ideal for your ammunition supply. Zippered pockets located on both side panels provide additional space perfect for small essentials like flashlights, hunting knives, hand warmers, and more.

With all your must-have accessories and ammunition within arm’s reach, you’ll be able to quietly access anything you need while staying focused on tracking your target.

Stretch Fabric Allows Full Range of Motion

You need clothing that moves with you, not against you, when stalking through the woods. This hunting vest features a high stretch polyester and elastane fabric blend that flexes and forms to your body. The vest virtually eliminates restrictive binding or bunching, supporting full arm and shoulder mobility.

Whether climbing a tree stand ladder, crouching in your blind, or drawing back your bow, you’ll appreciate how the vest’s supple fabric allows for unencumbered movement. The full range of motion keeps you comfortable and ensures you don’t make unnecessary noise rustling your gear.

Durable Center Front Zipper

Heading out into the wilderness exposes your gear to the elements. Rain, wind, branches – hunting apparel takes a beating. That’s why this vest comes equipped with a sturdy center front zipper built to last. The zipper remains securely fastened shut, protecting your ammunition and belongings inside the pockets from the elements.

Rest assured the zipper can withstand regular use, year after year. There’s no need to baby this vest – hunt hard knowing the zipper can handle it.

Other Key Features

  • Adjustable shoulder straps ensure a customizable fit
  • Mesh interior lining helps promote airflow and breathability on warm hunts
  • Silent zip pocket at the back perfect for concealing and accessing your hunting license
  • Low-profile side adjustment tabs to fine tune the vest’s fit
  • Durable polyester fabric exterior withstands snags from brush
  • Machine washable – wash cold and tumble dry low

Hunt Confidently in Complete Comfort

With its brilliant blaze orange fabric, specialized storage, flexible stretch fabric, and rugged construction, the Vortex Optics Outland Pursuit Hunting Vest delivers everything you need in a hunting vest. You get ample room for all your gear, ease of movement, and long-lasting performance.

Pick up this must-have hunting vest and head out into the timber with confidence knowing you’ll be comfortable, protected, and prepared for a successful hunt. Don’t let your gear slow you down this season – hunt safely and effectively with the Vortex Optics Outland Pursuit.


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