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Vulcan 0.50mm Bat Grip – Ultra Thin Baseball Bat Grip Tape for Maximum Feel and Control


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Grip the bat with confidence and take your hitting to the next level with the Vulcan 0.50mm Bat Grip. At just 0.50mm thick, it’s the thinnest bat grip tape on the market, giving you unmatched feel and control when you make contact. Engineered with an advanced polymer material, the grip delivers superior traction in all conditions while preventing painful blisters and stinging hands.

Ultra Thin 0.50mm Material

Designed for elite hitters who want maximum feedback and control, the 0.50mm thickness ensures no interference between your hands and the bat. Get exceptionally precise vibration transmission on every swing without losing any power or momentum. The bare minimum thickness still protects against shock, sting, and slippage. Ideal for wood bats or any hitter seeking the most raw and natural feel possible.

Advanced Polymer Grip for Superior Traction

The advanced polymer material provides a super tacky grip that locks your hands in place throughout the swing. The unique maze imprint pattern further enhances traction for confidence in all weather conditions. Swing with authority in the rain, humidity, or with sweaty hands without the grip twisting or sliding in your hands.

Prevents Blisters and Sting

The soft polymer material protects your hands from the painful sting that occurs when mishitting a pitch. Save your hands during long batting practice sessions or games. The grip absorbs vibration and shock on off-centered hits to prevent bruising, blisters, and calluses during extended play.

Easy Application

Applying the grip is quick and hassle-free. Simply peel away the backing, firmly press onto the bat, then smooth over the grip starting from the center. Use the finishing tape to secure the edges neatly in place. The heavy-duty adhesive backing won’t peel or unravel over time. Re-apply as needed between seasons or bats. Remove residue-free.

Optic Yellow Color

The vibrant optic yellow color provides excellent visibility of the bat grip position and alignment in your swing setup. Ensure proper hand placement every time. The bright color also looks fantastic and allows you to express your style.

Designed for Elite Performance

Trust your grip and swing freely with the Vulcan Bat Grip:

  • Ultra thin 0.50mm material disappears in your hands
  • Advanced polymer delivers maximum feel and control
  • Tacky grip locks your hands in ideal position
  • Absorbs sting and vibration on mishits
  • Easy application with adhesive backing
  • Vibrant optic yellow color

Bring out your best hitting with the Vulcan Bat Grip applied to your favorite wood or alloy bat. The superior thin material allows for total feel and connection throughout the swing for confident, controlled hitting. Dial in your mechanics with enhanced grip and take your power hitting to the next level.


The best grip ever!

I can’t believe how much better I’m hitting with this thin Vulcan grip. My hands feel so connected to the bat and I know exactly where my hands are placed every swing. My hitting coach also loves it because he can see my grip placement clearly with the bright color. I highly recommend it!

So much confidence at the plate

I used to be so worried about losing my bat throughout the swing and getting jammed on inside pitches. Not anymore with this grip! It locks my hands into place perfectly. No more stingers or slipping. I grip it and rip it with total confidence now. Game changer!

Just what I needed

As an elite travel ball player, I want every advantage I can get. The thinness of this Vulcan grip allows me to feel the bat vibrate on contact like never before. My swing path and mechanics have improved greatly. Plus, it looks awesome!

Take your hitting to the next level and grip the bat with ultimate feel and control. Get the Vulcan 0.50mm Bat Grip today!


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