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Wild Hare Deluxe Six Box Carrier – Durable Quilted Cage Carrier for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Small Pets




Transport your small pets in comfort and style with the Wild Hare Deluxe Six Box Carrier. This premium carrier is thoughtfully designed to provide a safe, secure environment for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals during travel and relocation.

Durable Quilted Construction

The Deluxe Six Box Carrier is constructed from 100% rugged nylon with a quilted PVC-reinforced waterproof fabric shell. The quilted exterior provides padding and protection, while the waterproof backing keeps pets dry. The durable nylon fabric is abrasion and tear resistant for long-lasting use.

Spacious 6-Compartment Design

This spacious carrier features six individual compartments to accommodate up to six small pets. The compartments are sized to give each pet just enough room to turn around and lay down comfortably during transit. Separate compartments prevent fighting and injuries by keeping pets securely divided.

Plastic Base Insert

The carrier includes a sturdy plastic base insert that provides a stable, flat surface for pet habitats during transport. The insert is removable so the carrier can be folded flat for easy storage when not in use. Plastic edges are rolled for safety.

Maintains Shape When Empty

Built-in rigid sides composed of sturdy padded fabric allows the carrier to maintain its shape and structure, even when empty. The reinforced construction prevents the walls from collapsing inward to avoid pet escapes.

Protective Top Flap and Zippers

A quilted fabric flap covers the full top opening to buffer pets from outside stimuli during travel. Dual zippers with rubber pullers quietly secure the top shut to contain pets safely. The zippers are lockable for added security (locks sold separately).

Padded Shoulder Strap for Easy Carrying

The included adjustable shoulder strap makes the carrier easy to transport by hand. The wide padded strap distributes weight evenly across your shoulder for comfortable extended carrying. The strap can also be used as a handle.

Spacious Exterior Side Pocket

A large exterior side pocket provides space to pack pet care supplies, food, treats, toys, medication, and other necessities to have on-hand during travel. The pocket has an elastic opening to securely contain items.

Interior Shell Holders

The inside of the carrier features four elastic shell holders to contain food bowls, water bottles, and other habitat accessories during transport. The elastic openings grip items tightly in place.

Fashionable Design Choices

This carrier comes in a variety of stylish pattern and color options to suit your tastes. Choose from patterns like pink polka dots, aqua waves, red hearts, green plaid, and more. Colors include black, blue, pink, purple, green, and red.

Ideal for Travel and Relocation

The Wild Hare Carrier is excellent for safely and comfortably transporting small animals during moves, trips to the veterinarian, or relocation to a second home. The secure design keeps pets relaxed and protected.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The nylon fabric wipes clean easily if accidents occur. Mild soap and water is all that is needed keep the carrier fresh. For deeper cleaning, removable components can be washed. Let air dry before re-assembling.

With smart features and durable padded construction, the Wild Hare Deluxe Six Box Carrier provides the ultimate in comfortable, secure small animal transportation. Order today to provide your pets with a safe and stylish habitat on the go!


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