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Wilderness Systems Airpro Max Lumbar Support for Kayaks


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The Wilderness Systems Airpro Max kayak lumbar support cushion enhances comfort and reduces back pain during long paddling adventures. Its inflatable air bladder design provides customized lower back support that conforms to your body. Just twist the valve to add or release air until the cushion feels perfect for your back. Fully adjustable straps allow you to secure the Airpro Max at the optimal height on most any kayak seat.

Customizable Lumbar Support

The Airpro Max lumbar support has an inflatable air bladder that you can adjust to your preferred firmness and shape. Just twist the valve to add or release air to tailor the support to your lower back. More air provides firmer support that gently straightens your lumbar spine. Releasing air softens the cushion for a more relaxed posture. Being able to customize the inflation allows you to dial in the perfect lumbar support for maximum paddling comfort.

Non-Slip Silicone Surface

The surface that contacts your back features a grippy silicone treatment that prevents the Airpro Max from sliding down. The non-slip surface ensures the cushion stays securely in place and maintains proper lumbar alignment as you paddle. No more needing to frequently reposition a back support that annoyingly slips out of place.

Fits Most Kayak Seats

Built to work with the majority of recreational kayak seats, the Airpro Max lumbar support delivers customized back comfort regardless of your kayak brand. It securely straps onto the backrest portion of the seat. Fully adjustable top and bottom straps allow you to firmly fasten the cushion at the ideal height for your lower back. It’s compatible with padded removable seats as well as molded-in kayak seats.

Key Features

  • Inflatable air bladder for adjustable lumbar support
  • Twist valve allows easy inflation customization
  • Grippy silicone surface prevents slipping
  • Adjustable straps to secure to kayak seats
  • Provides lower back comfort during paddling
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Fits most recreational kayak seat backs

Reduces Back Discomfort and Fatigue

By providing customized support to your lumbar spine and lower back, the Airpro Max helps minimize discomfort and fatigue during long paddling excursions. The inflation adjusts to gently straighten your back so you maintain proper upright posture instead of slouching from a lack of lower back support. This improves paddling efficiency and power. The cushion also helps minimize pressure points. Less back pain means you can paddle longer and focus on the fishing, wildlife viewing, or adventures ahead.

Ideal for All-Day Kayaking Comfort

Spending 8-10 hours paddling and fishing from your kayak is much more enjoyable and comfortable with the Airpro Max supporting your lower back. Long hours of paddling can cause back pain and stiffness if you lack proper support. The inflation adjustment lets you fine-tune the Airpro Max to your back providing customized comfort all day long. It’s great for multi-day kayak camping trips when you need maximum back support.

Twist Valve for Quick Adjustments

You can easily add or release air from the Airpro Max lumbar cushion using the twist valve. There’s no need to remove the cushion from the seat to make inflation adjustments. Just twist the valve while seated in the kayak to dial in the right amount of lumbar support. The twist valve also prevents air from escaping so the cushion maintains your customized firmness. Should it begin to lose air during long paddling days, a few quick twists reinflates the bladder.

Lightweight and Packable Design

Weighing just 8.8 ounces, the Airpro Max is so lightweight you’ll forget it’s on your back. When not inflating the cushion for paddling, it packs down small to fit into your dry hatch, crate or backpack. The low-profile deflate design is easy to stow when portaging or storing your kayak. The adjustable straps also detach easily from your seat when not needed.

Enhance Your Kayak Seat Comfort

For kayak anglers and recreational paddlers alike, the Wilderness Systems Airpro Max helps take your seat comfort to the next level. Its ability to customize the lumbar support through simple inflation adjustments makes it easy to dial in the perfect back support. The non-slip surface keeps it firmly in place for all-day comfort. Gain relief from back discomfort and stay comfortable no matter how long you’re paddling.


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