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Wilderness Systems Dry Bag for Kayak Storage and Transport – Large Bow Bag Keeps Gear Secure




Designed specifically for Wilderness Systems kayaks, this large dry bag perfectly fits in the front bow area to provide rugged protection for your gear. With its waterproof zipper and durable welded seams, you can rest assured your equipment will stay dry and secure, even on rough waters.

The generous 27″ x 17″ x 4.5″ size gives you ample room to pack clothing, snacks, cameras, phones, and other essentials you need close at hand when kayaking. An interior pocket helps organize smaller items like keys and wallets so they’re not lost in the depths of the bag.

Multiple carry options make transporting the bag easy. Built-in handles on the sides are handy for lifting the bag in and out of your kayak. A removable shoulder strap lets you sling the bag over your shoulder to comfortably carry gear from your vehicle or home to the launch point and back.

Strategically placed lash points on the exterior allow you to securely fasten the bag in your kayak using the included straps. Tie it down tight in the bow area so it stays put when waves kick up. The recessed mounting holes ensure screws lay flush, eliminating any snag points that could catch stray gear and cause tears.

Constructed from thick PVC tarpaulin, this dry bag withstands the dings and drops inevitable during kayaking adventures. It won’t mold or mildew, maintaining its integrity trip after trip. The fabric’s diamond pattern topside adds texture to prevent slippage when the bag gets wet.

Double welded seams and a roll-down top with buckle closure seal out water, sand, dirt, and grime. Your gear stays dry even if waves crash over the bow or the bag gets splashed loading and unloading your ‘yak. Just roll it down tightly several times and clip the buckle for a tight seal.

Keep Essentials Within Reach for a Better Kayaking Experience

Having quick access to supplies like snacks, sunscreen, maps, and cameras allows you to focus on paddling instead of constantly rummaging through your kayak’s interior cargo hatches. Stashing items in this front bag puts them literally at your fingertips so you can grab what you need without missing a stroke.

Some key items to keep in your new dry bag:

  • Water bottle or hydration reservoir for quick sips
  • High-energy snacks like protein bars, trail mix, or jerky
  • Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays
  • Headlamp and backup flashlight for overnight trips
  • Weatherproof jacket in case storms blow in
  • First aid kit for minor cuts, scrapes, and stings
  • Emergency space blanket and fire starter
  • Compact camera, phone, or GPS device protected in a waterproof case or bag
  • Nautical maps and guidebooks to scope out your route

With those essentials secured in this dry bag lashed down right up front, you have what you need at a moment’s notice for safety, nourishment, and navigation. That peace of mind lets you fully immerse in the paddling experience.

Designed For All Types of Kayaking Excursions

No matter how you use your Wilderness Systems kayak – fishing, touring, whitewater, recreational paddling, or expedition adventures – this bow bag has you covered. Stashing your gear up front balances out the weight distribution compared to stuffing it all in the rear cargo area. The bag stays securely mounted even during aggressive maneuvers required for whitewater rapids or hardcore fishing.

Going on an overnight trip or paddling all day? The generous capacity has room for all the extras you need when you’re out on the water for extended periods. Overloading the bag does impact how easily you can achieve that crucial watertight seal, so resist the urge to cram in everything but the kitchen sink!

For family trips, utilize multiple bags to organize each person’s gear separately. That way everyone knows right where to find their own supplies without unsorted clutter.

Reliable Protection From The Elements

With its durable welded construction and roll-top seal, this dry bag reliably keeps out water even when submerged. The abrasion-resistant fabric also stands up to other forces of nature like strong UV rays, high winds, and dirt/debris.

Don’t let mother nature ruin your adventures – keep your gear safe and secure for the long haul in this rugged bag. The peace of mind allows you to embark on those multi-day excursions in exotic locales knowing your valuables are protected.

Some key benefits that make this Wilderness Systems kayak dry bag so weatherproof and durable:

  • Thick 18 oz vinyl material withstands UV rays, punctures, and abrasions
  • RF welded seams create an impenetrable moisture barrier
  • Waterproof roll-down top with buckle strap compresses tightly for a snug seal
  • Durable synthetic construction prevents mold and mildew
  • Lash points allow you to securely fasten the bag in your kayak
  • Recessed screw holes prevent rips and snags

Don’t leave the launch point without this quintessential piece of kayaking gear purpose-built for your Wilderness Systems boat. The bow bag gives you extra capacity while keeping your essentials easily accessible and protected from the elements. Order yours today!


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