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Wztepeng 12V 3GPM 70PSI Washdown Pump Kit


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Keep your boat, RV, UTV, or other vehicle sparkling clean with the Wztepeng 12V 3GPM 70PSI Washdown Pump Kit. This powerful electric pump delivers high water pressure for thorough washing and rinsing.

With a maximum flow rate of 3 gallons per minute and pressure up to 70 PSI, this robust pump makes quick work of blasting away dirt, mud, and grime. The open flow design prevents clogging while Self Priming technology eliminates pesky airlocks.

This complete kit contains everything you need to start pressure washing right away. It includes the reliable 12V pump, a 25 ft hose coil, adjustable spray nozzle, inline strainer, barbed hose adaptors, and a detailed product manual.

Just connect the pump to any 12V power outlet on your vehicle or boat. The durable plastic housing is watertight for fresh or saltwater use. Easily hook up to any water source like a bucket, tank, or water hookup.

The extra-long 25 foot hose provides the reach to access all areas. Need more length? Simply add any standard garden hose. The adjustable nozzle allows you to spray a focused stream or wide fan pattern. Turn the collar to adjust pressure from a gentle rinse to a powerful jet.

Blast away dirt, mud, bird droppings, stains, and debris from boats, RVs, ATVs, UTVs, vehicles, decks, driveways, patios, and other hard surfaces. The concentrated high-pressure spray quickly cleans even tough grime.

Rinse away salt, sand and residue after ocean trips. Keep your RV or camper looking pristine before and after adventures. Remove caked on mud from equipment after use. Jet wash debris from boat decks, seats, hulls and motors.

The 3 GPM flow rate cleans efficiently without wasting water. It’s strong enough to tackle any cleaning task yet compact in size for easy portability and storage.

Customers love how powerful and versatile this pump kit is:

“This pump is amazing. I can adjust the pressure and spray pattern for light cleaning or really tough grime. Works better than expensive gas pressure washers.”

“We take our RV on a lot of off-road adventures. This is perfect for blasting off caked on mud when we return. Saved me tons of scrubbing.”

“I use this pump to rinse my boat after ocean trips. Removes salt spray and sand from the deck and seats with ease.”

The Wztepeng 70 PSI Washdown Pump Kit is a must-have for keeping vehicles spotless after rugged adventures. It delivers unmatched cleaning power in a compact electric pump.

The marine-grade construction stands up to regular use in fresh or salt water. All parts are corrosion resistant including the nylon sprayer, brass hose fittings, and stainless steel clamps.

With overheat and overcurrent protection, you can run this pump continuously without worry. It will shut off automatically before exceeding safe temperatures. The quiet motor operates smoothly without annoying vibration.

For easy installation, all necessary fittings are included. Quick connect hose adaptors make hooking up a breeze. An inline strainer prevents debris from clogging the pump.

Experience the difference of robust pressure washing power in a portable electric pump kit. Ditch manual scrubbing and blast away dirt and grime with the unmatched cleaning power of the Wztepeng Washdown Pump.


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