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YakAttack Leverage Landing Net – 20″ x 21″ Hoop with Extension Arm for Maximum Control and Ease of Storage


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Landing a big fish is an exciting moment every angler lives for. But the fight isn’t over until you safely get that fish in the boat or on shore. That’s where having the right landing net is critical. Introducing the YakAttack Leverage Landing Net, featuring an innovative handle extension and folding hoop design that gives you unbeatable control and stability when landing your catch.

Revolutionary Forearm Grip Improves Leverage and Balance

The unique forearm grip handle sets the YakAttack net apart from all others. This ergonomic grip allows you to hold and maneuver the net with your arm rather than just your wrist. This gives you greater leverage and strength to control thrashing fish, especially larger species that put up a powerful fight. The secure grip also enhances your balance and stability in the boat or kayak when landing fish.

Hinged Handle Folds Down for Convenient Storage

Thanks to a smart hinge where the extension arm meets the hoop, the YakAttack net handle easily folds down into a streamlined position. This allows the entire net to fit into a standard rod holder for tidy on-board storage when traveling between spots or done fishing for the day. The foam handle covers the ends to protect your rods from getting scratched or damaged while stored.

Durable Aluminum and Rubberized Construction

Built to withstand years of hard use on the water, the YakAttack net features an aluminum hoop and polymer-coated nylon netting. The rigid hoop keeps its shape to scoop up fish, while the rubberized coating provides a secure grip even when wet. Durable stainless steel hardware connects the hoop and handle for corrosion resistance.

Large Hoop Size for Big Catches

With an oversized 20 inch by 21 inch elliptical hoop, this net provides plenty of space to land and control sizable fish. The ample hoop diameter can easily accommodate most freshwater bass, pike, walleye, and catfish as well as nearshore saltwater gamefish. Less chance of fouling hooks and dislodging fish compared to an undersized net.

Full 54 Inch Extended Length

Thanks to the extension arm, the YakAttack net provides an extra long 54 inches of reach when fully extended. The generous length allows you to safely net fish from a distance without having to lean precariously. Comfortably land fish near the boat without strain. Collapses down for minimum space.

Made in the USA Using Quality Materials

Constructed in the USA from durable, high-end components, the YakAttack landing net reflects the brand’s reputation for making premium fishing gear that’s built to last. The net comes backed by YakAttack’s “Built for Life” guarantee against material and workmanship defects.

Technical Specifications:

  • Hoop Size: 20″ x 21″ elliptical aluminum
  • Mesh Size: 1/4″ bonded nylon
  • Handle Length: 54″ fully extended
  • Hoop Depth: 11″
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 8 oz.

The Last Landing Net You’ll Ever Need

Stop trying to net your trophy fish with an unstable, undersized net that may cost you your catch. Gain an edge with the innovative YakAttack Leverage Landing Net engineered for performance, control, and reliability when it matters most. Order yours today to finally land those personal bests!


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